Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A Very Happy Christmas

Christmas for our family this year was a two day affair. On Christmas Eve, we went out for a lovely meal at the Fisherman's Retreat in celebration of my lovely Uncle who passed away earlier on this year. We celebrate is life, his love of food, and the joy he brought to all our lives.

Everyone at the dinner table :)

This is James' 32oz t-bone steak. It's as big as Chris' face!

This is James finishing his steak. Wow.

This is a white chocolate cheese cake with berry compote. It was absolutely delicious.

Traditionally in our house, we open our presents at the stroke of midnight on Christmas Day. Here is a before and after:

Before: neat pile of presents.

After: Crazy mass of recycling!

On Christmas Day we all chilled out at home and had another lovely Christmas meal. We all helped out and it was very lovely.

I have discovered the awesomeness of bananagrams!

Here we all are before we eat. Look at all out food and our fancy napkins!

Here are Clem and James carving the meat for us.

After dinner, we decided to set off sky lanterns, just to top off a wonderful day. Remember the huge one from last year? Well we had another one:

It takes about 6 people to start this giant off!

And there it goes! It's so BIG!

I had a lovely couple of days with my family. It's been a bit busy, but this time of the year does bring the family closer together, and really makes you feel a little loved. Hoorah for Christmas, and hoorah for Jesus' birth that we celebrate together! Yay! :)

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