Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Christmas Cards

I decided this year not to send physical Christmas Cards. It wasn't so much that I couldn't be bothered, but it was more because I wanted people to feel appreciated in other ways. Little gestures, cakes, and so on.

But then I got some super long distance Christmas cards from some awesome friends and really wanted to send some greetings too! So I decided to get creative. Remember the stop motion videos I did for uni? Well I thought I'd try that again and make digital Christmas cards. Here are some shots:

Okay, so it looks mostly like I was just writing a list of greetings, but I assure you they became real stop motion videos and sent to real people. Haha. They got a lick of colour and lots of Christmas thrown at them! Didn't take as long as the post would, but it did the trick! I really hope the recipients liked their cards, and hope they know that I think they are truly awesome!

What a lovely way to spend an evening. Now I think I'll shower and watch some TV. Hoorah! :)

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