Friday, 7 December 2012

Freebie Fridays - make-up and chocolate

Not much to report from the freebie world this week. Since it's coming up to Christmas, the post office is working in over-drive but only just about delivering everyone's daily post, let alone free samples. I did still manage to get a couple of things:

We have:
a little tube of foundation
a sachet of moisturiser
and a chocolate bar

The chocolate bar was a freebie that was sent to work. Came in a big box of goodies and I was allowed my share, which I thought was lovely. I think I might have it with my lunch tomorrow. 

I hope the post office carry on working hard over the Christmas period. Must be so crazy at this time of year. My Dad used to work in the post office and I remember all the overtime he did during December - we barely saw him! I take my hat off to Post People at this time of year too - the weather isn't kind, and the load just gets heavier. I might give my postie a little gift the next time I see him. I guess I'd better give a hoorah to freebies, and a hoorah to posties, all over the UK! :)

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