Sunday, 9 December 2012


The locals amongst you might know of a magical place called Newbank Garden Center. I absolutely do. My dad is a gardening enthusiast so I've been hanging around garden centers for as long as I can remember. They're not bad places for a kid. Lots to explore, poke, and even pets to gawk at if you're lucky. I wasn't always very keen on going though. Unless we were going to Newbank.

Newbank is in a league of it's own when it comes to garden centers. Not only does it contain the usual plants, trees and other type flora, it also has gifts galore! For most of the year, it houses the biggest variety of home decorations and gifts you will ever see, including stuff like local foods, bakeware, ornaments and tea sets. During Christmas however, they transform the place into their Winter Wonderland. It is shiney and twinkly from the vast quantity of Christmas stuff available for purchase. You can go pick out a real or fake Christmas tree from their huge selection, and then go find decorations to hang on it that range from the super traditional (the nice shiney red bauble) to the super wacky (bright pink shoes?!).

Enough of the talk, here are some pics:

Yes, the winter wonderland has a reindeer in it :)

Dad having fun with giant cutlery!

It's a huge one of my favourite baubles! Feel like I'm holding a huge bubble!

When I took this photo, I totally didn't see any of the price tags. I just saw the awesome.

Yay, Christmas should be full of purple!

More Christmas decorations! So cool!

And this chicken makes me so happy! Reflector eyes help you see them at night! It's a little bit spooky actually, now that I think about it... fun gift though!

I had a fun afternoon with my parents at Newbank Garden center. You should go down to visit if you haven't already. No weekend will be as busy as the one just gone because Santa, apparently, only visits for one weekend before Christmas. Hahaa. Hoorah for Christmas awesomeness! :)

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