Saturday, 22 December 2012

The Siblings are Home

You can tell it's almost Christmas in my house because everyone has no arrived. It feels like there's people everywhere and it's significantly louder than usual.

And you can almost always guarantee that if there's more people, there's more crazy. Remember when my Godfather came for Clem's wedding? They ended up being a little bit silly and doing a bit of dressing up. Well this time...

These outfits are made to measure and pretty, erm, fun!

Clem couldn't work out what the flap was for.

There we go. Now we mean business.

So there we go. The siblings are all at home and the house is busy. I'm shattered though with every waking moment seemingly spent dealing with customer after customer. It's okay, I have a day off tomorrow and I shall rest, meet all my friends, and then do it all again on Christmas Eve! Hoorah!

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