Thursday, 31 January 2013

Cake and Purple

I bought a whole batch of purple cake cases which have been photographed enthusiastically before. So today I have more cakes in purple wrapping to show you. But they were made during fun conversations with Morgan and so formed the play part of my day! Hoorah! :)

31/365 - Zan makes coffee cakes in purple cases with Morgan :)

This is Morgan, embarrassed by my constant photo harassment and trying to enjoy her coffee cake in peace.

We've been getting a whole load of work done so purple coffee cakes were a perfect pat-on-the-back for a good day's hard slog. Tomorrow is going to be a different day, a new start day. Stay tuned! 

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Chocolate Treat and a Surprise!

I totally indulged myself and splashed out on a luxury. A luxury treat with chocolate and a surprise! Anyone know what it is? I've blogged about a big version once before. I decided one wasn't enough: I needed 6 today:

I bought myself a 6 pack of Kinder Eggs! Oh yes!

Look they are so cute in their egg box!

30/365 - Zan gets so excited about her Kinder Egg, she forgets to take photos.

I may need more of these when it gets nearer to Easter. NOM NOM NOM! I love Kinder Eggs! They make me so happy! :) Hoorah for chocolate, and a toy! :)

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Work is Play :)

Today my work is play. As a playworker, this happens a lot, but I am super happy and thankful for being in this oxymoronic state every so often. And how was my work play today you say? Well, my lovely friend, colleague and fellow blogger, Morgan is staying with me. And when we two are in the same residence, there's a lot of talk about play. Lots of work on play. Lots of play talk and of course lots of playwork.

29/365 - Zan has fun with Morgan all day. Yay! :)

There are many moments of my life when I am so thankful for being a playworker. It's an occupation that allows me to passionately talk about play, but also provides me the opportunity and skills to be a positive influence on myself and others at all times. I think it's a wonderful profession. I'm totally proud to be a playworker.

And it helps me make the coolest friends.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Your Dungeon is Full of Custard

Today I have a special visitor who has come to stay for a little while. I'll talk a little more about that tomorrow. But for now, my playful moment of the day was playing a video game that I have been playing since I was a teenager:

28/365 - Zan plays Dungeon Keeper 2. Lots.

More from me tomorrow! :)

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Bye Bye Snow, Hello Sunshine! :)

After the crazy snow yesterday, I genuinely thought that I would have to spend the whole day digging the drive and organising my house in case of further snow. To my surprise, I woke up today to bright sunshine and tiny patches of snow that served as the only reminders of the crazy snow night. It was a good job really cos I had a bit of a journey to do on foot.

Here I am, enjoying a little music on my way out.

LOOK AT MY SNOW DINOSAUR! It only seems like yesterday when I made him. It's just a little clump of snow. The only bit of snow left! :( Bye bye snow dinosaur.

There was some wonderful sunshine today. It was brisk and cold, but it looked lovely.

This is the best moment of my day. Some people were feeding the pigeons and I really wanted to take photos of the mass of birds. As I got colder, the feeding stopped, but the birds were still hanging around. This little girl started chasing them with the biggest smile on her face and I couldn't get the camera ready in time for a pic before we wandered back to her family. Then she turned round, looked at the pigeons, and then looked at me. I nodded my head towards the pigeons and then away she went again - perfect for this photo! :)
27/365 - Zan takes delightful photo with little friend and flock of pigeons.

Some fun shadow and light play with this pic.

I look like I'm wearing a funny pointed hat. 

And then I finally sat down to a cheeky monkey hot chocolate and my journey ended.

I really enjoyed my day out today. It was nice to be out and about, and enjoying the sunshine. I'm still so happy about the pigeon and kid photo - I might have to reflect on that as a proper story. I'm a bit sad that the snow didn't stick around, but then again, the UK's having enough trouble with precipitation at the moment so it's probably good that it's gone before the start of a new week. I guess I'll have to say bye bye to the snow, and a big hello to the sunshine! :)

Saturday, 26 January 2013


For a few brief glorious moments today, I played in the snow. And there was lots of it too. I spent all of last night watching it fall down in cottonball-sized blobs and couldn't wait to get outside! I wished that I had longer to linger today, so I could have made another snow dinosaur, but there just wasn't time! Instead, I just wandered around in my wellies and enjoyed the muchness of the snow:

I decided to wear my wellies today to make sure my feet stayed dry. Good job too because the snow came to just over my ankles.

There's Snow Dinosaur 1. Poor thing survived the snow storm last night. Good job snow dino!

Thought it was a fun photo to take.

Eww, look at the colour of the snow on the main road! Thankful again that I had wellies on!

When I was waiting for the bus, I found a particularly thick patch of snow and decided it was a good time to take a photo. It came to part way up my shin.

26/365 - Zan enjoys much much much snow.
(Gosh, look at my hair, it's epic!)

I'm a bit sad that I didn't get to make Snow Dinosaur 2 today because I was in work, but that's okay. Maybe just one dinosaur a year is enough :) Hoorah for snow, and hoorah for wellies! :)

Friday, 25 January 2013

Freebie Fridays - toothpaste and hair stuff.

Freebies were looking a bit grim this week until I went to the dentist yesterday. It kinda saved my freebie week! Here we go:

25/365 - Zan rejoices in last minute freebies.
We have:
3 tubes of mini toothpastes
1 sachet of hair treatment

So the week hasn't been bountiful, but there's still free stuff! Yay! :) I really hope things pick up a little next week otherwise I'll have to start giving my freebies away again! Hoorah for freebies! :)

Thursday, 24 January 2013


I had a rough day today. I cleverly (or stupidly) booked an appointment with a nurse, a doctor and a dentist one after another today so there really wasn't much room for play. But in between, I was blessed with a super happy moment:

24/365 - Zan takes a moment to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

It's been so cold in the UK recently that the sun hasn't really made much of an appearance so I was super grateful to see it this evening. Yay!

Now I have to lay down for a minute. Being prodded and poked for an afternoon really takes it out of a girl.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Blast from the Past

I did a little bit of a spring clean today. Since moving into my room about 14 years ago, I've only ever had one clean out, and that was because we put in laminate flooring and painted the walls. And that was about 10 years ago. To tackle this monstrosity, I decided to do it phase by phase. So I selected one particular shelf in one particular cupboard and started unearthing some Zan history. Most of it was just either old empty boxes from gifts and such, or random fun objects that I'd completely forgotten about including:

23/365 - Zan rejoices in once-lost-but-now-found Pikachu!

I now have a bunch of old boxes that I can use for a Pop-Up Adventure Playground that I'll be hosting in mid February. More details to follow! :)

All that cleaning made me peckish, and I suddenly remembered I had bought something to nibble on that I hadn't had for absolutely ages:

P-p-p-pick up a penguin! They are totally smaller than they used to be, but they still have the rubbish joke on the back :)

To top off the tour of memory lane, I thought I would fry up a particular childhood favourite for tea:

Smilers! Oh yes! They are still delicious, and still look slightly evil when they're ready.

I have a funny feeling that there are going to be more photos from the depths from my room posted up on my blog. There's still a lot more room to clean! I'm so excited to re-discover my Pikachu (which, incidently, is the exact shape and size I always thought it would be) and I'm happy that I've actually done a little cleaning! Yay! :) Hoorah for room cleaning! :)

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


I decided to try a new recipe today for my fairy cakes. This one I picked up free from a supermarket, and is a dump-everything-into-a-bowl-and-mix type recipe. And features Golden Syrup.

Now, some of you won't know what golden syrup is. To be honest, neither do I. I've had it once or twice in the past, but I've never been in a position where I own a whole tin. So as the cakes were baking, I dipped a small spoon into the tin and then tasted this thick sticky golden-coloured goo. My immediate thought was where-have-you-been-all-my-life? Then I realised I really really needed a glass of water cos it turns out that golden syrup is really sweet and sickly on it's own.

After eating a spoonful of golden syrup, it was time for my cakes to come out of the oven:

Yay, a pile of cakes! :)

They look delicious right? Turns out the texture isn't quite as light as my normal fairy cakes but has a far deeper taste. They were pretty yummy.

Having enjoyed a cake to myself and photoed them to death, I came upon a sudden realisation: these cakes are the same colour as me! Yay! They camouflage with Zan! :)

22/365 - Zan makes camo-cakes to her camo specifications! :)

This has been a nice end to a sad Zan day. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - every day should end in cake! :) Hoorah for cake-y goodness! :)

Monday, 21 January 2013

My Snow Dinosaur

I finally had enough snow today to play in it. So what did I do? I made a snow dinosaur.


While I was molding and shaping and piling and poofing, my next door neighbour's little kid popped her head out of the door. Intrigued by what I was doing ("What are you doing? Why are you building a snowman? Can I help?") and wanting to play, she got all her winter gear on and climbed across the snow terrain and over to me.

We worked together and made a little snowman. It was really cool actually. And we had the most awesome conversation:

"How old are you Suzanna?"
"I'm very old."
"How old?"
"How old do you think I am?"
"Well I think you're a bit older than my big brother"
"I am a bit. I remember your big brother when he was really little"
"How little was he?"
"When he was about 5"
"I think you knew him when he was 1."
"Well that is very little."
"1 is a little number, but 0 is the littlest"
"That's very true, 0 is a very small number"
"And infinity is the biggest number"
"Oh, infinity is so big it doesn't end!"
*Short pause*
"I think that 100 is bigger than infinity."

Here's our little snowman! And there's my fellow snowman builder!

My little neighbour was soon called in, so I carried on with my snow creation until I was called in for tea. When I came back out again, it was much much colder, and the snow was beginning to change it's consistency. But I carried on finished my dinosaur. Here it is!

Hoorah! Snow dinosaur!

I couldn't work out how a dinosaur's face looks, and then for some reason it ended up looking like a bear. Look, me and my dino-bear! :)

21/365 - Zan has fun in the snow with a dinosaur, snowman and little snowman-building neighbour.

I had lots of fun today in the snow. I've also made a little deal with my little neighbour where every time it snows, I'll meet her out in the garden in the evening to make a snowman. Wonder if she'll remember. I'll be there anyway :) Hoorah for snow! :)

Sunday, 20 January 2013

A Few Photos and Me.

On my recent wanderings and moochings, I have taken some photos which I thought I would share:

Me having fun in the snow with my snow hat!

Ducks in a line, giving me evils.

An army of office chairs, taking over the pavement.

A fence near my house that reminds me of an adventure playground every time I see it.

20/365 - Zan, making the most snow.

It was a slow day today, but that's okay. Slow days are good days too. Especially if slow days are snow days :) Maybe more excitement tomorrow :)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Playing with Ice

I haven't really had the chance to play with the snow since everything turned white yesterday. There really hasn't been enough to make a snowman, so I was a little bit sad. I have been seeing lovely ice marbles, and multicoloured igloos on the interwebs. I've also a whole lot of different candle holders made with blocks of ice and this got me thinking - I can make ice cubes and I have candles. How about building myself a mini candle igloo? Confused? See here:

Here it is! I used the those silicone icecube trays but I didn't have any of a consistant size. On the top there is my star shaped ice cube! :) Underneath there are square ice cubes, and ones shaped like jigsaw pieces. Oh, and round ones too - I used one of my muffin shaped ones too! I stuck it all together with snow :)

Look here from the side - it's quite cool! Oh - tried putting red food colouring in the square ice cubes but it didn't really do very much. So they just look a little pink. I would have tried other colours but I didn't have any. This has made me really happy :)

19/365 - Zan builds a mini candle igloo.

I've just realised that my candle igloo is a little like the snow lanterns I made last year! Ha. I love candles. When it gets cold again (probably in November), I'm going to prepare and make a whole load of brick sized ice blocks so I can make an igloo. I'm already excited thinking about it. Woooo! :) Hoorah for ice and snow fun! :)

Friday, 18 January 2013

Freebie Fridays - an assortment of randoms!

I'm particularly excited about this week's free stuff. They aren't the usual teabags or snacks, these ones are actually interesting and useful! Here's the pic:

18/365 - Zan gets excited about freebie hoard
We have:
a small bottle of bucks fizz
a make-up brush
lip gloss
a scented candle
a sample of perfume
a thingy of blusher
a 4 gig memory card
a recipe book for peas
a purple mailing bag

I would like to say right now that some of my freebies (5 to be exact) came from the photoshoot that I had last Saturday with my mum. I thought it was pretty nice of them. It was also awesome of them to give me of my photos for free:

Hehehe. Another photo to show you all, by popular request.

This week has been a good week for unexpected freebies, and I'm pleased to see that my Freebie Fridays page is looking more and more packed with my delicious fabulous and free acquisitions! Roll on next week, hoorah for freebies!

Thursday, 17 January 2013


I went on a walk to the cake supply shop today and decided to a photography challenge that I've been meaning to do for ages. I set myself the task of taking photos of the numbers 1 to 9, with one rule - no printed type. That means that the numbers weren't allowed to be from posters etc. It was quite a fun game actually. Here are my numbers:

17/365 - Zan plays a photography game with numbers!

This game reminds me of that rainbow photography challenge I did last year. That one was really good fun too! I think next time - letters! Haha. Yay, fun with photography and fun with numbers! :)

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Marbles, Moustaches and Cake.

I spent a good portion of the day being excited about the idea of marble cake. Well, who wouldn't be excited about two-tone cake? So after work I pootled home and got my mixing bowl out and here's what I made.

Look! It worked! And this looks like a moustache! Haha! Moustachioed marble cake! :)

16/365 - Zan makes marble cake!

Then Zan eats almost the entire plate of cake. Oops.

I'm so chuffed that it worked out so well! It wasn't as marbley as I'd like, but it was still really cool! I have to say that this cake was absolutely delicious. Vanilla and coffee marble cake. Oh my word, I was all over it. And only stopped eating when I started feeling guilty. Hahaha. Late night cake is the best kind of cake! NOM NOM NOM! If anyone wants to stop by tomorrow for some marble cake, please feel free!

Hoorah for cake! :)

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A Tiny Frozen Surprise

The sun came out over a super frosty morning today and I decided to venture outside to my post office. I'm glad I wrapped up warm because it was SO cold. But of course, I took my camera with me and thought I'd catch the end of the frozen snow.

Look at me, I found the sun!

I also found a Christmas tree that doesn't really fit in the organic waste bin.

Then I found some ice. And then I looked closely and realised that there was a star in it! I found a star in ice! And then I got sucked in...

15/365 - Zan discovers stars in frozen puddles of water.

I was so happy about finding tiny little stars, frozen in an icy formation. I was so intrigued by it, I spent ages looking for them. Passers by must have thought I was crazy because I was just huddled by the side of the road staring at the patches of ice. But it was fascinated! What a lovely little surprise! Yay for ice, and hoorah for stars! :)