Tuesday, 15 January 2013

A Tiny Frozen Surprise

The sun came out over a super frosty morning today and I decided to venture outside to my post office. I'm glad I wrapped up warm because it was SO cold. But of course, I took my camera with me and thought I'd catch the end of the frozen snow.

Look at me, I found the sun!

I also found a Christmas tree that doesn't really fit in the organic waste bin.

Then I found some ice. And then I looked closely and realised that there was a star in it! I found a star in ice! And then I got sucked in...

15/365 - Zan discovers stars in frozen puddles of water.

I was so happy about finding tiny little stars, frozen in an icy formation. I was so intrigued by it, I spent ages looking for them. Passers by must have thought I was crazy because I was just huddled by the side of the road staring at the patches of ice. But it was fascinated! What a lovely little surprise! Yay for ice, and hoorah for stars! :)

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