Friday, 4 January 2013

Bits and Pieces

I took the day today to catch up with a few things. Spend some quality time with my rentals, do some work, post some letters, eat some toast, organise some paper, rearrange my desktop and do some creative things. Then I looked back on my day and wondered what my most playful moment of the day was for my 365 project. And I decided that it was this:

4/365 - Zan goes antiquing with parents and finds favourite antique bunny.

I have mentioned the bunny before, but I still haven't found one at a decent price. But I will. And the bunny will be mine! :) At the moment, it's like Where's Wally (or Waldo) at the antique store, but instead it's Where's Bunny! Woohoo! :) Hoorah for antiques all over again! :)


  1. Zanna, I have two denby rabbits in a sorry state. They were painted in gloss to go over ears off incidents (NOT by me). I always intended to fix them but it's increasingly unlikely. I will dig them out if you want them?

  2. Hmm... now that is an interesting proposition. I really like the denby rabbits, but I ones I've been writing about are the Sylvac bunnies - are they the ones you're talking about? To be fair, I do just like bunnies in general. Let me know :)


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