Sunday, 27 January 2013

Bye Bye Snow, Hello Sunshine! :)

After the crazy snow yesterday, I genuinely thought that I would have to spend the whole day digging the drive and organising my house in case of further snow. To my surprise, I woke up today to bright sunshine and tiny patches of snow that served as the only reminders of the crazy snow night. It was a good job really cos I had a bit of a journey to do on foot.

Here I am, enjoying a little music on my way out.

LOOK AT MY SNOW DINOSAUR! It only seems like yesterday when I made him. It's just a little clump of snow. The only bit of snow left! :( Bye bye snow dinosaur.

There was some wonderful sunshine today. It was brisk and cold, but it looked lovely.

This is the best moment of my day. Some people were feeding the pigeons and I really wanted to take photos of the mass of birds. As I got colder, the feeding stopped, but the birds were still hanging around. This little girl started chasing them with the biggest smile on her face and I couldn't get the camera ready in time for a pic before we wandered back to her family. Then she turned round, looked at the pigeons, and then looked at me. I nodded my head towards the pigeons and then away she went again - perfect for this photo! :)
27/365 - Zan takes delightful photo with little friend and flock of pigeons.

Some fun shadow and light play with this pic.

I look like I'm wearing a funny pointed hat. 

And then I finally sat down to a cheeky monkey hot chocolate and my journey ended.

I really enjoyed my day out today. It was nice to be out and about, and enjoying the sunshine. I'm still so happy about the pigeon and kid photo - I might have to reflect on that as a proper story. I'm a bit sad that the snow didn't stick around, but then again, the UK's having enough trouble with precipitation at the moment so it's probably good that it's gone before the start of a new week. I guess I'll have to say bye bye to the snow, and a big hello to the sunshine! :)

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