Wednesday, 2 January 2013

"Let's do arts and craft, play bakery, then play shop." - Reflections on a day with Nina and Hannah

The beauty of a day off work is being able to stay at home in your pajamas  You can pass the time however you like, and it just somehow, meaninglessly, will slip away from you and sometimes you have done nothing productive, at all.

That's not what happened to me today.

The beauty of my day off work today was having a play day with two lovely little girls. Time definitely went by very fast but we cut things and stuck things and stirred cake batter and broke eggs and mixed icing and decorated cakes and did credit card transactions and bought cats and wrote the letter H about 50 times. Here are the pics:

This is Hannah. She knows her name begins with H but she doesn't know what the rest of it is.

This is Nina. I took a photo of her once when she was little.

This is the cat that they brought. It scares me a little.

And this is Hannah's box. Can you tell?

This is how Nina decorated her box.

Time to play shop. There are things to buy, and I was the banker that that paid money to.

They made money and everything. They even had credit cards.

Here we are mixing icing to decorate the cakes we made. They are cooling on the side whilst the girls decide on red icing.

Here is Hannah. Looks like she had a battle with the icing.

And two very sticky cakes were presented to me by two very sticky people. They were delicious.

2/365 - Zan has a play day with Nina and Hannah.

I had a lovely day today. I could have spent my day off relaxing, but it wouldn't have been as fun or as satisfying as spending some time at play with two awesome little people. When they left, I was really tired, but really happy. I love playing with children and watching their play develop. I hope to see them again soon! Hoorah for Nina and Hannah!

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