Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Marbles, Moustaches and Cake.

I spent a good portion of the day being excited about the idea of marble cake. Well, who wouldn't be excited about two-tone cake? So after work I pootled home and got my mixing bowl out and here's what I made.

Look! It worked! And this looks like a moustache! Haha! Moustachioed marble cake! :)

16/365 - Zan makes marble cake!

Then Zan eats almost the entire plate of cake. Oops.

I'm so chuffed that it worked out so well! It wasn't as marbley as I'd like, but it was still really cool! I have to say that this cake was absolutely delicious. Vanilla and coffee marble cake. Oh my word, I was all over it. And only stopped eating when I started feeling guilty. Hahaha. Late night cake is the best kind of cake! NOM NOM NOM! If anyone wants to stop by tomorrow for some marble cake, please feel free!

Hoorah for cake! :)

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