Monday, 21 January 2013

My Snow Dinosaur

I finally had enough snow today to play in it. So what did I do? I made a snow dinosaur.


While I was molding and shaping and piling and poofing, my next door neighbour's little kid popped her head out of the door. Intrigued by what I was doing ("What are you doing? Why are you building a snowman? Can I help?") and wanting to play, she got all her winter gear on and climbed across the snow terrain and over to me.

We worked together and made a little snowman. It was really cool actually. And we had the most awesome conversation:

"How old are you Suzanna?"
"I'm very old."
"How old?"
"How old do you think I am?"
"Well I think you're a bit older than my big brother"
"I am a bit. I remember your big brother when he was really little"
"How little was he?"
"When he was about 5"
"I think you knew him when he was 1."
"Well that is very little."
"1 is a little number, but 0 is the littlest"
"That's very true, 0 is a very small number"
"And infinity is the biggest number"
"Oh, infinity is so big it doesn't end!"
*Short pause*
"I think that 100 is bigger than infinity."

Here's our little snowman! And there's my fellow snowman builder!

My little neighbour was soon called in, so I carried on with my snow creation until I was called in for tea. When I came back out again, it was much much colder, and the snow was beginning to change it's consistency. But I carried on finished my dinosaur. Here it is!

Hoorah! Snow dinosaur!

I couldn't work out how a dinosaur's face looks, and then for some reason it ended up looking like a bear. Look, me and my dino-bear! :)

21/365 - Zan has fun in the snow with a dinosaur, snowman and little snowman-building neighbour.

I had lots of fun today in the snow. I've also made a little deal with my little neighbour where every time it snows, I'll meet her out in the garden in the evening to make a snowman. Wonder if she'll remember. I'll be there anyway :) Hoorah for snow! :)

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