Saturday, 19 January 2013

Playing with Ice

I haven't really had the chance to play with the snow since everything turned white yesterday. There really hasn't been enough to make a snowman, so I was a little bit sad. I have been seeing lovely ice marbles, and multicoloured igloos on the interwebs. I've also a whole lot of different candle holders made with blocks of ice and this got me thinking - I can make ice cubes and I have candles. How about building myself a mini candle igloo? Confused? See here:

Here it is! I used the those silicone icecube trays but I didn't have any of a consistant size. On the top there is my star shaped ice cube! :) Underneath there are square ice cubes, and ones shaped like jigsaw pieces. Oh, and round ones too - I used one of my muffin shaped ones too! I stuck it all together with snow :)

Look here from the side - it's quite cool! Oh - tried putting red food colouring in the square ice cubes but it didn't really do very much. So they just look a little pink. I would have tried other colours but I didn't have any. This has made me really happy :)

19/365 - Zan builds a mini candle igloo.

I've just realised that my candle igloo is a little like the snow lanterns I made last year! Ha. I love candles. When it gets cold again (probably in November), I'm going to prepare and make a whole load of brick sized ice blocks so I can make an igloo. I'm already excited thinking about it. Woooo! :) Hoorah for ice and snow fun! :)

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