Thursday, 3 January 2013

Sketchbook Success!

Yayayay! :) I've finished my Sketchbook Project! I took a photo of every page and it looks pretty awesome! Woohooo! :)

Look! 15 pages of awesome! :)

I think I might have to retake the photos in the morning when the light is better, but I'm happy with what I've done. The pages aren't perfect, but that's cost they're just sketches. Ideas, thoughts and creative moments that I've had over the last 5 months. Hoorah! :) Once I've re-taken the photos in the morning, I'm going to send my book to Brooklyn Art Gallery to be part of a travelling library! Hoorah! :)

3/365 - Zan enjoys Sketchbook finishing touches.

I'm super tired today, so coming up with my 365 photo wasn't easy, but I got there. And I've completed my Sketchbook too! So happy! :) Now I can sleep til I can sleep no more! Hoorah! :)

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