Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Work is Play :)

Today my work is play. As a playworker, this happens a lot, but I am super happy and thankful for being in this oxymoronic state every so often. And how was my work play today you say? Well, my lovely friend, colleague and fellow blogger, Morgan is staying with me. And when we two are in the same residence, there's a lot of talk about play. Lots of work on play. Lots of play talk and of course lots of playwork.

29/365 - Zan has fun with Morgan all day. Yay! :)

There are many moments of my life when I am so thankful for being a playworker. It's an occupation that allows me to passionately talk about play, but also provides me the opportunity and skills to be a positive influence on myself and others at all times. I think it's a wonderful profession. I'm totally proud to be a playworker.

And it helps me make the coolest friends.

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