Tuesday, 19 February 2013

20 Children and Pile of Boxes

It was day two of the Coop Academy of Manchester's Pop-Up Adventure Playground today. Having slept hard last night after day one, I was really looking forward to it today. The sun was out and the children arrived in little crowds. It was so much fun! Here are the highlights:

50/365 - Zan enlists young volunteers for photo greatness.

This little girl enjoyed her time at Pop-Up so much yesterday, she came back with her friend again today! And carried on wallpapering the outside of her house!

Look at the bustle of play today - 20 children and 12 adults :)

This list is so cute. Vika is her dad and Sunny is her brother. She carried on with her list later that went on to toys, cousins and shoes.

Look, I fit into one of the dens!

All the children with big dens decided to make a super den! Look how wonderful it is. At one point, I looked around and there were no children in sight because they were all in the super den!

This was my temporary control solution for speed crawling twins and their sister. But then they worked out they could climb out of the box and so they were off again. The twin on the right is absolutely eating everything he could find. The twin on the left was the one who worked out escape routes.

I then trapped them in the hexagon stools, just so their mum could go to the loo briefly. It worked wonderfully - it took them a long time to work out how to get out.

I'm super tired, but super happy. Everyone was so pleased with the day with children giving me top marks and parents giving me wonderful feedback. It was a great space to play, and it was also handy to have recycling bins on site! :) Hoorah for Pop-Up Adventure Playgrounds and hoorah for play! :)

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