Friday, 1 February 2013

A Brew and A Cake

Increasingly, I'm finding that the first few moments of my day, after I stumble downstairs in my pjs, are the few minutes that I look forward to the most. Just being able to sit down, with a cuppa tea and whatever food item that comes to hand. In peace. My brain's not quite in gear yet, but that's okay. The tea is delicious, and the (10am) sun is streaming in through the window. Bliss.

32/365 - Zan enjoys a brew and a cake.

I'm only allowed one cup of tea a day because the caffeine makes me run around a lot, so I always look forward to my morning brew. When it's matched with a cake then it's pretty much perfect. I just remembered that there's a photo very similar to this one somewhere. It's the little things in life, it really is. They make me so happy and thankful. Yay! Hoorah for little things, and hoorah for tea and cake! :)

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