Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A Little Walk

I went to pick up Morgan from the airport today and now she is back with me for a little bit. Today, in a bid to fight off sleep, we went for a little walk. This is what we did on our walk:

We admired spray painted flowers

Basked in the glory of astoundingly hideous dress.

We watched the world go under our feet.

58/365 - Zan reads about play during a break from her walk.

It is really nice to have Morgan back. It's also really nice to go outside and feel the sun. Blue skies and sun - it's got to be my most favourite combination of weather. Doesn't have to be warm, but it does have to be sunny! :)

I think it's probably time to sleep. Took me far too long to write those very few sentences. Goodnight! :)

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