Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Adventure Time! :)

Today, I met my friends Ric, Rachel and Lee and went on an adventure. It started off with some awesome and slightly daft...biblical.... knitting....

The biblical scenes photographed above have all been knitted, and mostly by one lady. It was very impressive, super creative and really funny. A great start to our adventure.

We then had a super scenic drive to Derbyshire where we saw snow, cars and sheep. We were a bit hungry when we got there so we decided to stop at a cool pub and have some pie.

This pie was huge. Chicken, leek and mushroom. It was delicious.

Our meal was accompanied by the most amazing array of condiments. We were very impressed.

The next part of our adventure involved 245 steps down through a natural rock formation and then up again. Welcome to the Blue John Caverns.

It's very difficult to get decent photos of dark, atmospheric places like a cave, but here are some. :)

51/365 - Zan has an adventure with great friends. 

When we came out of the caverns we were super cold and super tired so we went in search of some tea. We stumbled across the Hidden Tea Room in Castleton, and were very surprised to be eating scones with our tea.

The whole tea room was covered with money from all over the world.

The slightly eccentric chef/owner/host made me pose for this photo.

This was a delicious scone. With delicious clotted cream and jam.

It was really nice to spend the day with my college friends, and discovering things together. We did a whole load of things, took lots of photos, and just had lots of fun. My favourite part of the day was probably the surprise scone, but I also really enjoyed exploring the cavern, and really liked the knitted donkeys. So it was all very enjoyable, and super playful. 

I love spending time with my friends Ric and Rachel, but they live really quite far away from me and I miss them when they're away. I hope I'll see them again soon. In the meantime, there will be more adventures with the local PMs! Hoorah for my college friends and hoorah for adventures! :)

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