Monday, 18 February 2013

Back at Play

It's been a while since I've ran an event with children in it. Mostly they have been adult trainings, or meetings, or boring stuff like that. But today, I got to play with children who were visiting a secondary school! I was at Cooperative Academy of Manchester today running a Pop-Up Adventure Playground. Here are my favourite moments:

This little girl was having so much fun sticking tape inside the box that she totally didn't realise that most of it was sticking to her hair.

This little girl was having a whale of a time wall papering the outside of her house.

49/365 - Zan observes play in action and admires it's momentum.
This was the moment in a play event when it gathers enough speed and for a few glorious moments, nobody needs me. I know every playworker knows this moment. You sit back, watch and enjoy.

This was a wonderful creation made my another little girl - a ballet dancing doll. It twizzles round if you move it!

These little girls had soooo much fun with the bag full of bottle caps.

Peek-a-boo, and hysterical laughter. Made me so happy!

Finally, this little boy and his dad worked so hard with such quiet concentration, (more on the Dad's part) that they were so chuffed when they completed their robot! :) Hoorah! :)

More on this tomorrow when I have day 2 of the fun. I'm sure it'll bring more surprises and laughter! :) Now I think I need a nap to recover from tig and duck duck goose! :)


  1. My house looks like a storage area for your Pop-Ups! What to do when the cardboard boxes and bottle caps start encroaching......eating us out of house and home? "It's all for a good cause," I keep telling my husband....

    I continue to keep the stuff because of inspiring posts like this! It's so great to see the materials utilized in such a beautiful way, as you guys always do when you facilitate these sessions. Thank you!

    I'm excited to get inspired by Marc when he speaks in a month: I want to figure out how to do Pop-Ups in my home at least once a week. So the piles of boxes and overflowing containers of bottle caps can reach their full potential!

    1. Thank you, KBE for your very kind message. Once you've seen Marc you might get more ideas about how to use all those cardboard boxes. Or perhaps we'll arrange a Pop-Up tour... things to think about! :)


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