Friday, 8 February 2013

Freebie Fridays - book, pens, badges, chocolate bar and milk

Today, I have had to hold back with my Freebie Friday post. This is the tame, unassuming, thoughtful post. Next week, it's going to be the madness post. Allow me to talk through this photo:

39/375 - Zan gets excited about freebies.
We have:
2 brightly coloured ball point pens
1 chocolate bar
2 "I love Leeds Met" badges
a book on how to get my PhD
1 litre of milk

My parents laughed at my free book because I totally had to pay my tuition fees at Uni to get the book. They  said it's the most expensive book I've ever bought. I told them that they were looking at it all wrong. Hahaha. It was SO free. 

You MUST stay tuned for next week's Freebie Friday - it's going to be EPIC.

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