Saturday, 16 February 2013

Playfilled Words

Today's play is me amusingly reading my own words on other people's blogs. No, I haven't been misquoted, misrepresented or misinterpretted. Quite the opposite. I was asked to write a piece for both of these blogs as the guest blogger. To say that my heart was a-flutter is an understatement!

Here is the tiny screenshot of my post for Playfully Learning, a great blog ran by Dana Gorman of Community Cooperative Nursery School, CT.

And here is a tiny screenshot of my post for Growing Together, another wonderful blog ran by Lesley Romanoff of Takoma Park Cooperative Nursery School, MD.

Sadly, there is no 365 photo to represent this, but I think I might have to make one for it at one point. Maybe just smoosh the screenshots into one pic and call it day 47.

Now you might be wondering, why is Zan being asked to write for these blogs? There's two other sightings of me as well, if you keep your eyes peeled. Reason? Because I'm working hard to promote the Keep Calm and Play On tour for Marc Armitage. It's been a very nerve-jangling experience of which I am still battling through, but it's actually not long until the man himself will be jetting off to the US East Coast to represent me. I hope everything goes okay.

I should point out right now that I don't mean to come off all important and knowledgeable here. I've never in a million years thought that my words were worth reading, nor have I ever believed it when other people tell me so. I guess this is a moment of affirmation? Confidence building? I'm not sure, but it's important to me, and a little bit surreal. People want to hear what I'm saying. It's surprising to me.

Anyway, despite my personal reservations, I am here to fight for the greater good: play. I will continue to spread the joy of play and playwork, and the need to hear Marc speak in the US. Maybe one more blog invasion... ;) Hoorah for play and hoorah for blogs!

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  1. So wish i cud mix play into work lol. R


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