Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Proper Pancake Day

I started off real pancake day thinking about yesterday's practice pancake day. I've somehow built the confidence now to flip them with a little gusto. It's not perfect, but it's better :)

But first my day starts off with going to the market with my mum. I love any market, because they're always so colourful and busy. Here's a collage of photos I took in the fruit and veg bit:

There are some unidentified fruit/veg in this photo. Thought they looked awesome though! :)

Then we get on to the pancake section of my day. My are still amused to this very day that I honour the right food for the right occasion at all times. Birthday cake on birthday, Easter eggs at Easter, pancakes on pancake day. It must be done!

Weirdly, my dad got all nervous about flipping pancakes on camera. Hahaha. They were absolutely delicious by the way.

And of course, there's always video:

43/365 - Zan flips pancakes like the amateur pro she is.

It was a fun and eventful day today! I really will never tire of pancakes. Or markets. Such wonderful wonderful things. Hoorah! It's very cold today - apparently, we're expecting snow again. Typical eh? Anyway hoorah for markets, and hoorah for pancake day! :)

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