Monday, 4 February 2013

Purposefully Blurry

After a pretty intensive (and pretty successful) day of organising Marc Armitage's Keep Calm and Play On tour, I went to meet my friend Fiona for tea. I'm the kind of person who is simply unable to be late, so as usual, I found myself 20 minutes early. I decided it was my moment of play and went to take some photos. This was my best shot:

35/365 - Zan takes some fun blurry photos.

Can anyone work out where I was?

I think it's pretty cool - the lights have come up as pretty little circles so at a glance you know this is a photo of buildings, but close up you see the blur. I might try some more of these stylish photos! :) Hoorah for experimental photography! :)


  1. Salford Quays?

    Also, on your previous post... I don't understand why you thought you'd be able to cut glass with string and nail varnish???? How???? Am I missing something?


    1. You are completely correct Digestive Press! That was Salford Quays! :)

      I'll show you a video one day to explain the glass cutting. It works, I promise. Just not for me! :)


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