Saturday, 2 March 2013

A Day as Link

Today was Pop-Up Adventure Play's charity fund raising day. It was a Lock In hosted by my work Manchester Fort Game and supported by so many wonderful people.

I have MANY photos, but I will show you only a couple, of me dressed up. There will be many more on the Pop-Up Adventure Play blog and on our facebook page.

And yes, when I was painting something blue the other day, it was my shield. Ladies and Gentlemen, I dressed up as Link from Zelda :)

61/365 - Zan dresses up as Link for a day.

That there, is yellow hair. Oh yes.

Look at my sword and shield hat I wandered around with all day. Absolutely brilliant, and courtesy of my Dad! :)

There are, more photos of me. My mum has the ones of my front on and holding my sword and shield. It's pretty funny. There are also pretty hilarious photos of my colleagues all dressed up too which I will post up very very soon. But I am super super tired from a wonderful fund raising day. We were so pleased with the turnout, and so pleased that everyone had fun AND donated so much time, effort and money to our charity. A proud proud moment here. More tomorrow. Hoorah for today! :)

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