Sunday, 10 March 2013

A Macro Walk :)

The sun decided to make a little appearance today so I decided to take my macro lens for a walk in the park. It was really pretty outside but mighty cold. Between freezing gusts of wind, I managed to take some lovely photos :)

I love this photo - it's the colours I think :)

More little flowers almost ready to bloom. 

I had to wait in between giant gusts of freezing cold wind to take the photos of these tiny buds. It was worth it though, they look so pretty! They all look so pretty! :)

A little bit of moss. Growing in the cracks in the wall.

The colours of this one makes me happy too :)

69/365 - Zan goes outside and says hello to the sun.

It was nice being outside, but I sure hope it gets warmer soon. I appear to have a wedding to go to in less than 2 weeks time and I'm not wearing 500 layers for that like I was today. Think warm thoughts! Haha.

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