Thursday, 7 March 2013

A Moment in Cornwall

After the playwork conference, I thought it would be a good time to go visit Morgan's folks. They live in the countryside - so much so that I got called a city girl which, for the first time, I didn't protest to given the scale of countrysideness we're talking. Here are some photos:

This is the view from the house. It's absolutely beautiful, eventhough it was raining.

This is the boat that Morgan adopted. Isn't it awesome?

66/365 - Zan is inspired by viaducts and pretty scenery. And also slightly jealous.

After bagels for breakfast, I had a Cornish pasty snack. I am in Cornwall after all, gotta have a pasty.

And of course, you can't go to Cornwall without having had clotted cream. I cannot tell you how good this stuff is on a scone. There are no words.

This is only a tiny little visit, a breather if you like, before trooping back to North. I'm bracing myself for an epic drive tomorrow. Deep breath. I'm kinda tired and despite not doing much work, don't feel like I've rested at all over the last few days. Going home will be nice. It's been a good adventure but I'm ready to go do some work again :)

It's lovely here at the bottom of the UK and I hope to be back again some time when it's not raining. :) Hoorah for the South! :)

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