Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Blue Skies and Hot Pot :)

Today was full of one thing: fret. I kinda like the word - it's a little more to the point than anxiety seems to be, and to me, is just as pointless. But nonetheless, I spent a lot of my time today fretting. Marc Armitage, the awesome playworker who I've been organising a tour for did his first gig today. I fretted over that. Morgan had her first big day in Colombia today, and I spent the day fretting about that. 


Knowing how unnecessary and unconstructive my fretting, so I decided to go outside, run some errands and take some photos. Sure enough, the beautiful blue skies distracted me, even if it was just for a few minutes.

The skies were so clear today, I hadn't realised just how many planed few overhead.

71/365 - Zan takes stylish shots of a plane filled sky.

Later on that day, after doing some more work (and trying not to fret) my college friends came round for tea. Tonight on the menu, hotpot! Shazia and Lee joined me and my parents in this awesome interactive feast. It was a marvellous meal, full of new foods, flavours and fat bellies. Nom nom nom.

This photo is nice. It's got lots of colour in it as well as food. Makes me happy. Hello hotpot!

These two brief moments of playfulness really helped to set my head right. Yes, I still worried inbetween times, but you know - there's nothing more I can do from over here. I know that things are out of my control, and there's not much more I can do from here, but I just hope that I have done enough to help my friends along the way whilst they are working. 

It's not easy, but I'm gonna let go. God will look after them. And right now, I'll immerse myself in some form of TV to stop my silly fretting. 

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