Saturday, 30 March 2013

Box Hunting! :)

Today, I took part in the newly founded sport of box hunting. Invented by me, and named by my Dad, this sport mostly involves the subtle acquisition of cardboard boxes from superstores.

Reason? I've got a return visit to the Cooperative Academy of Manchester to do three Pop-Up Adventure Playground days next week for the Easter Holidays. It's going to be heavy going, especially staffing it all on my own, so I've had some assistance to acquire some more boxes.

Enter: Box Hunting.

It's a skilled sport requiring stealth, a keen eye, and some pretty good cardboard condensing skills. It is physically and mentally challenging, and when you do competition box hunting (like we did today in two teams) it's also emotionally taxing too.

88/375 - Zan and siblings go Box Hunting! :)
The boys won on volume, but us girls won with the biggest box.

We had sooo much fun; boys against girls within a time limit. I laughed so hard when Clem came running up to us with a giant sofa shaped box. Hahaha. It was fantastic. We filled two cars with cardboard boxes, and I went home beaming because I know that on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, there will be some very very happy children.

Hoorah for box hunting! :)

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