Monday, 18 March 2013

Colours and Clyde

I found some time to take Morgan of a quick whirlwind tour of Manchester's Northern Quarter before she was bundled onto a bus to go home. It turned out to be a very colourful day. And we also found Clyde.

We went to look at lovely quality wool.

We found Clyde! Morgan dressed up as Clyde. Awesome knitted computer game geekery.

Rainbow Thread!

Colourful little money pouches.

 This just made me giggle. Heheheeee! 

76/365 - Zan enjoys the cute and colourful little handmade caterpillars!


I love colourful things so I'm really excited that we saw things in the colour palette that I enjoy today. It was a nice day to be outside and looking at new things. I'm sad to see Morgan go but at least we had a colourful send off. Hoorah! :)

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