Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Crumpets or Hot Cross Buns: The Verdict

Yesterday I asked facebook and blog readers to help me decide whether I should make crumpets or hot cross buns. The votes are in and they have been counted. And the winner is.... CRUMPETS!

For those of you who have never had a crumpet before, they're a variation of a pancake, originating from Scotland I think. You usually eat them toasted with a bit of butter and jam, or for the savoury option, I sometimes eat it was cheese and baked beans. Only sometimes.

It was a fascinating recipe involving yeast and bicarbonate of soda. I have to admit that half way through, I was definitely a little skeptical. It was thick, gloopy and weird looking, but definitely bubbly, so maybe that's where the holes come from. And I was right:

85/365 - Zan gets super excited about home made crumpets! Every tiny hole was a happy moment!

I ended up making about 12 crumpets of three different sizes. I had to use pastry cutters instead of chef rings to keep the mixture cooking, so I ended up with crumpets of three different sizes, haha.

Now that I know how to make crumpets, the mystery of this holey (pan fried) product has suddenly been solved. I have honestly spent an entire childhood wondering how on earth crumpets are made, and now I know! HOORAH! A question though, is it still baking if I didn't use the oven?

These crumpets, by the way, are so much yummier than shop bought ones. They kinda taste how I feel like they should have always tasted, but I have never known otherwise. I've just toasted one and had it with butter and jam and they are delicious. I'm so chuffed! Hoorah for crumpets, and hoorah for mysteries solved.

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  1. Well done. I probably prefer hot cross buns, but I think the production of crumpets is possibly more impressive, cos I can't even begin to understand how you would approach starting to make them :)


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