Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Crumpets or Hot Cross Buns?

I get really excited when I'm thinking about baking. There's not always time to do it, and to be honest, it's not really top priority these days. The day to day operations of Pop-Up Adventure Play is the most important with my PhD taking close second. With what I have of my reserves I go to work and earn some spare cash which quickly gets invested in books and work and when I can squeeze out a few spare hours, I see my friends.

And then when I need to do some unwinding/mull over something complicated, I bake.

Right now I have a deep desire to bake, but sadly, any resulting product will not be enjoyed until the morning, by which time it won't be as enjoyable. So I think I'll wait until tomorrow. But. I have a dilemma  do I make crumpets, or hot cross buns? Now there's a quandry. Answers on a postcard!

Since I don't have the necessary time for baking, I have slowly introduced myself to the world of post-graduate research. It's quite a challenge when there's no actual deadlines, and no course mates to compare to. It's also kinda amusing how easy it is to forget how important it is! Haha. So much so that sometimes, my focus is very blurred:

84/365 - Zan dreams about all the happy things that she wants to do :)

As I dwell on happy baking thoughts, I have to remind myself that I really should be doing more reading. I really love my subject and talk about play constantly. And love doing the reading when I'm actually doing it. But reading has a weird habit of not feeling very productive so it's hard to get motivated. Do you know what I mean? Yes, pages are read and information is gleened, but the outcome? More thoughts, less product. It's so abstract! I wanna make a cake. Now that's a product. And that's also a happy tummy. Sigh.

Nevermind. I'll read now, and I'll bake tomorrow. At least there's progress :)

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