Monday, 4 March 2013

Hello Eastbourne :)

After much packing and much driving, Morgan and I have arrived at Eastbourne. It is lovely down here on the south coast, but it's still very cold. We wandered around and had some chips before going to see the playwork conference goings on. Here are some photos:

63/365 - Zan runs around next to the sea.

A random puppy arrived and started playing with us, and then sniffed around, and then ran away. It was delightful! In this photo, the puppy is bigger than Morgan!

Morgan and Zan at the pebbly beach.

Look at the sunset on Eastbourne. From the lovely Victorian pier! :)

The next couple of days promises to be both excellent and super super busy. I'm excited but worried at the same time. Might not be able to post tomorrow, depending on what happens, but I'll definitely do something playful to make sure I have my 365 photo! :) Play on! :)

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