Tuesday, 5 March 2013

National Playwork Conference - Part 1

The National Playwork Conference is an annual play event that happens around this time of the year. Organised and hosted by Meynell of Meynell Games, it's one of the biggest playwork conferences in, well, the world!

Morgan and I had the honour of going as "facilitators" and did some presentations to pay our way. It was pretty fun actually, and for me intensely challenging. But I have learned many things and met many people. Here are some photos of my first day at the conference:

64/365 - Zan has much fun with giant power tools. Mwhahahaaa!
I have a similar photo of me somewhere, but this drill is much bigger!

This is Bob Hughes. I've talked about his awesomeness before. I was very excited to see him again :)

This is the big swing that we made inside the building that I helped to build! That's why I was using the big drill.

Here are people making pet rocks at my toy craze workshop. There were soooo many people I was a little taken aback.

People made stuff with lego at my toy craze workshop.

Here's me, making a quick escape outside to enjoy the rocks and the beach before it got too dark.

And here is musical entertainment at the National Playwork Awards. It was too dark to take many photos, but it was super cool. A little like the Oscars. :)

It was pretty cool at the conference today. First day is always a little overwhelming anyway, but the newness and excitement of everything helps with that. I had to do two presentations today, which I knew would freak me out, but once I started, it wasn't too bad. I did have to go and hide in the corner for a few minutes afterwards though, which is fine, but also really funny. I think it means that it was okay.

More thoughts tomorrow! :)

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