Sunday, 24 March 2013


I'm slightly feverish, am nursing two blistered feet and have been shivering all day, so I haven't really had much chance to do much playing today. I was, for a moment, staring at my feet and realised I had a fun photo op, so I took a photo:

82/365 - Zan messes around with her socks. Happy Zan :)
There's a green sock and a yellow sock somewhere but they didn't make it to the photo.

I should probably at this moment point out that I like wearing my socks as two different colours. I have evidence too! There is a photo from the recent trip to Oxford, showing off a free apron, when I read a book outside once, and when I was recovering from surgery. These photos go back a lot further - I've been wearing socks like this for a while now. People always ask me why I'm wearing odd socks, but I always tell them they're not odd because there are two of them, so therefore they are a pair :)

Hoorah for colourful socks! And hoorah because my mum's found me some new ones! Yay! :)

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