Sunday, 24 March 2013

The Journey to a White Wedding

I've been knee deep in wedding stuff over the last few days so I haven't been able to post anything all. It's all over now so I can show you some delightful highlights. Ready?

2 days til the wedding; dry but very cold

Here's me and Nadia visiting the venue.

We found the ducks of Duckington! Then they followed us around!

79/365 - Zan pots the flowers ready for the wedding. 

Afternoon tea with the girls. Nom nom nom! :) Fiona and Wing Chi tried to hide from the camera, but that green shoulder is Fiona.

1 day til the wedding; cold and wet, with occasional sunny spells.

It was sunny, so we had a little look around. Here's a thatch cottage opposite church.

Here's the church - it's lovely! :)

80/365 - Zan enjoys a lifelong dream by being in possession of a lollipop lady lollipop. Albeit briefly.

Nadia's mum made the bouquets. This one's Nadia's. Isn't it pretty?

In the evening, after rehearsal, we set up the hall. Here are the buntings hand sewn by my mum!

Here they are hanging cookies and photos on a spiral stand. Inspired? All Nadia's ideas.

How many ladies does it take to stack a cake? :)

Here is the guestbook tree. Those are the plants that I potted the day before, and on the tree are photos of Nadia and Pat, with messages from guests. Oh, and there's the cake!

Wedding day; cold, windy and snowy

We woke up to a winter wonderland on the wedding day.

81/365 - Zan enjoys a purple snowy moment.

Here are the groomsmen honouring the Chinese tradition of "winning" the bride at the door - they're writing a poem right now.

This is Pat, the groom sharing this name poem: "Nadia is an Amazing Darling, Incredible and Adorable!"

We got the guys to do yoga positions to show their physical prowess. The groom needed a little help with this one.

Sadly, due to the momentum of the wedding, and a tiny tiny handbag, I had didn't have any more photographic ability after these photos. There are a few filtering through on facebook now, and this one's of Nadia is one of my favourites.

He's my Nadia: a beautiful, beautiful bride. I've known her for almost 20 years, and this was definitely an emotional moment.

After we left Wedding HQ, things started becoming a little, erm, crazy. The snow was bad, people couldn't make it, people got lost, we couldn't find the order of services, many more people than expected arrived, we couldn't find the sandwiches, unexpected performances occurred,we ran out of food and then and I was in the center of all the chaos! It was pretty epic really. As weddings go, this was definitely an eventful one!

The service went well, and the reception was intimate and fantastic. There was so much going on, and many many very lovely guests. The food was yummy and the happy couple really enjoyed themselves! I'm really glad that everyone was happy, and really chuffed that things went as well as they could.

I really wish the Nadia and Pat all the best for their future together, and also good luck for HK part of their wedding. It has been a pleasure to be part of their wedding, and really hope that everyone enjoyed themselves!

Hoorah for Nadia and Pat, and congratulations on your white wedding! :)

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