Saturday, 16 March 2013

Walking the Quays

Morgan and I took a break from work today and went for a walk by Salford Quays. It was threatening to rain, but we went outside anyway, to see what we could see.

74/365 - Zan is thrilled to be outside.

It's Media City! I wondered aloud if we'd see anyone famous!

Hello Swan! It was huge!

The bridge just outside Media City. It had pretty lights.

Looking back at the Lowry from Media City.

A really cool sculpture. I particularly like the silver on the blue.

It started to rain lots shortly after this, but it was refreshing and nice to be out and about. Both Morgan and I have been working so much recently, it has become stressful and frustrating, purely because we haven't taken much time out to do anything of our own. I really hope that things level out a little so we can have a good work life balance, even if it is all about play :)

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