Thursday, 11 April 2013

100 Days of Awesome! :)

I went to the Salford Art Gallery with my friend Lee today. Couple of things happened which meant that I didn't take many photos: 1) It rained for the whole time we were there, and then stopped when we weren't there any more and 2) I forgot my SD card or any form of memory for camera so didn't have exciting hi res photos to play with. What made things better was the signs everywhere that said NO PHOTOGRAPHY so even if my camera was fully functional, it would have been sat dormant in my bag. 

Anyway, Salford Art Gallery was fun! I never knew it was there, but it's a lovely old building with a beautiful interior. There was the usual gallery stuff, and also a Victorian Street that you could go visit complete with darkly lit alleyways, sound effects and atmospheric magpies? Haha. It was a lovely visit, and a nice way to spend an afternoon with my friend Lee.

And when I got home, I realised something awesome:

100/365 - Zan rejoices in 100 days of play! :)

Woah, watching it too much kinda makes feel a little sick, hahahaa. It was fun to make, so ner! :) Hoorah for 100 days, and hoorah for the next 100 days! :)

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