Sunday, 14 April 2013

Antique Me!

My mum and dad took me to an antique fair today. I haven't been antiquing for a while so I was really itching to having my senses inundated by vintage, historical and collectable goodness. There were 700 stalls of glorious antiquities to browse and I really enjoyed the time connecting to the past that defined our future. Here are some photos!

Pick and mix sterling silver - sold by the weight! I spent so long rummaging through here!

Everything you could possibly imagine in a tiny box.

The super inaccurate measuring tool that I used to use for my first degree - the conical flask!

If you could work your way through this box of jewellery, it was £1 a piece!

Plates for every occasion, but of course, mostly if you like dogs. And cats. And the Queen.

Of course, I can't go to any antique place without scouting out my favourite piece of antiquery ever - the Sylvac bunny! I found 6 of them today! Here are three little beauties in size order:

A tiny little beige one. Made me squeal a little with pure joy. And cuteness overload.

A medium-ish blue one. I've never seen a blue one before and it's very striking! Made me love it even more!

103/365 - Zan enjoys searching and finding antique bunnies!
Here's a huge green one - they make me so happy!

I love love LOVE antiquing. So much fun! I didn't really buy much, but I didn't really go with that in mind! I just like being inspired by all the crazy things around me. It's awesome! Hoorah for antiques, and hoorah for bunnies! :)

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