Thursday, 18 April 2013

Coupla Meetings and a Wander

As part of my PhD, I meet with my PhD supervisory team about once every 6 weeks in Leeds. Today was meeting day and I thought I'd take full advantage of being in Yorkshire by meeting up with my uni friend Saffia as well. You might remember her. We had a lovely wander, and saw some cool things:

Saffia gave me a bee card! I love bees! They are the only creature I can draw! This card is amazing.

We found a new shopping center. It had a giant horse in it.

We went to the new Lego store and I immediately got lost in a pile of Lego.

The shopping center's got a lovely roof. Very stylish.

107/365 - Zan enjoys Leeds with Saffia.

The relaxed fun I had with Saffia was a marked contrast to the meeting I had with my PhD supervisory team.  Both Fraser Brown and Sue Palmer are wonderful but they ask me lots of very hard questions! They made my brain work very hard, and I felt pretty exhausted by the time I headed off home. But it was a good meeting though, and I'm really glad that I have so many people around me to genuinely care about my work. Lots of useful thoughts and updates to follow.

Hoorah for a short trip to Leeds, and hoorah for genuinely good people.

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