Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Dusty Stickmen

There as been much activity at my house. Suddenly and quite inexplicably one morning, the contents of the house seemingly exploded everywhere! This is what happens when my mum is tidying up - there's a lot more untidiness before tidiness starts. But it's been interesting. Dad found a photo that had been long forgotten and we kids are tiny and he almost didn't recognise his wife (she didn't know who she was either). Mum found a variety of tools she once used for the super fashionable perm. In amongst the books I used to be fond of as a child, and the odd cassette tape, I found one of my stick men drawings that I absolutely love, but I'd basically forgotten about:

113/365 - Zan rediscovers lost artwork.

I remember the moment when I came up with the idea for this piece. It was quite an immediate thing. I had the idea then I had an immediate urge to comply with my thoughts and put pen to paper. This drawing was a new idea for me - it's layered and interesting, and the first time I'd tried anything vaguely 3D. I remember cutting out the holes and lining them up, making sure you could see interesting things throughout the picture. It gave me a great sense of satisfaction when I'd finished. I was well chuffed :)

To see it today, sitting in a dusty box brought back a lot of creative thoughts and eureka moments. It made me very happy, and all the more determined to be more playful in the future :) Hoorah for stickmen! :)

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