Tuesday, 9 April 2013


It was a day full of things to do today. Things that I hadn't really expected to do, to be honest, but when one has a responsibility to home, it's just what happens. I hadn't planned to do any of my own work today, and it's a good job too because there wasn't much opportunity to be by myself. I had to help my mum out with a few things, Dad insisted that he had to (immediately, with no planning or much regard for safety) go on the roof, and my sister arrived at home unexpectedly and needed assistance with a fun case of food poisoning.

So I only really had time to myself to play a quick round of Dungeon Keepers 2, and then make the much requested flapjacks for work. I hope they're okay.

98/365 - Zan unwinds by making flapjacks.
Cranberry and walnut flapjacks to be precise. Some are topped with uncooperative chocolate.

Everything's good, I think. There's just a lot happening. I need to manage my time, and I need to make sure I make time for myself every day. Yes. I can see more baking on the horizon! Good job I can eat my own baking now! :) Hoorah! :)

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