Monday, 8 April 2013


I was inspired a long time ago by Color Me Katie to do a googley eye project, but I hadn't ever got round to it. I found myself with a couple of minutes away from work today so I got myself some comedy eyes and had some fun! Ready for the personification of inanimate objects...?

97/365 - Zan gives all her things a googley personality.
A scared cup.

A startled glue stick

A friendly chair.

A confused lamp.

A worried vase.

A sad fan.

An understanding shrub.

And a very panicked plant.

For some reason the eyes just gave off the impression of being kinda scared/worried. I'm thinking of sticking them up somewhere in the house now to see if it startles my parents at all. Haha.

That was a pretty fun series of photos which made me really happy. I'm gonna keep the eyes and make some more for a day outside! Oh yes! :) Yay for silly things! :)

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  1. Hahahahahahahahaha


    Oh, that was all.

    Thanks for the card :) Will reply soon.


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