Wednesday, 3 April 2013

"I need to make a shield" - Reflections from a Pop-Up Adventure Playground

I always look forward to a little bit of rough and tumble play during a play session. I always want it to work out well, for there to be conflict and resolution, winners and losers. But overall, for everyone to come out of it having used some good ol' playtypes. It's fun to watch and name them as they happen!

Today, on the second day of my Easter play sessions, I got just that. The mysterious tubes that I took a photo of the other day were integral in this battle, where there, amongst the little children, was an unexpected guest of twice their size.

92/365 - Zan enjoys a good battle.
This is how it all started.

Then there was a new contender.

Finally, let's bring in the big kids!

I have a whole video of this battle happening, with all 4 participants enjoying themselves with some good ol' sword fighting. It ended rather suddenly when one of the kids got "stabbed" and then declared that he needed a shield, and thus began another play cycle.

I had a good day today! Last day tomorrow! :)

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