Sunday, 21 April 2013

In London...

I've been in London for the past three days on business, and to see friends and family. Here are some highlights from my trip so far:

108/365 - Zan goes on an adventure.

I found blue skies. 

I went to a symposium.

109/365 - Zan visits the Shop of Possibilities. (More on this another day)

I had my first falafel.

I met my friend Janina.

I saw some super cute ducks and baby ducks.

110/365 - Zan hangs out with Chris, James and Nancy!

I stole into the Royal Albert Hall. (Wow)

I've been really busy and really tired so I won't say much more for now. Having fun, and will be going home tomorrow via the play library. Hoorah! So many London things! :)

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