Saturday, 27 April 2013

Just Another Day?

My days are never ordinary. I'm pretty sure you all know that already. Today, however, was kinda exceptional for three main reasons:

1) I ate a whole roasted turkey leg:
It was delicious. The sauce was even more delicious-er.

2) I dressed up like a video game character that has been mauled by a zombie to celebrate the release of a new game...
Look at me, all scared and in character. Haha. I never wear white shirts normally!
There is a photo of me in situ here.

I had a minor panic when the weird red goo wouldn't come off. The mum suggested toothpaste, and it worked very well apart from having a very minty face.

 3) I sewed my first ever zip! And completed the project in a day too! :)
116/365 - Zan does some very important sewing. 
This is a really sweet little handmade lined pouch with a zip! I was dead chuffed! :)

I also managed to read and reply to all my emails, pack the car for a boot sale tomorrow, make lunch, make tomorrow's lunch and go to work. So I reckon it's been quite a productive day! :) Hoorah! :)

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