Thursday, 25 April 2013

The DIY Postcard Book Returns!

Around this time last year, I made a postcard book using leftover sticky ribbons. That particular blogpost was very very popular, and I was really chuffed about it, but I did still lament slightly about not having any of this washi tape stuff that everyone's been talking about. So I got some! And today, I've finally got round to making a postcard book with washi tape! Hoorah! Here it is:

Here are the things you need for this project. Not that complicated really.

Here are some interesting patterns you can use for sticking the pages together. It was fun coming up with new designs!

Preparing for the outer spine of the project - all of the colours!

114/365 - Zan makes another postcard book!

I'm pretty chuffed with the outcome of this actually. The washi tape is cool and flexible (doesn't instantly stick down cos it's basically masking tape) but it's also fiddly cos it's tape and it has a mind of it's own. But it's colourful and cool and it has made me really happy! :)

Of course, I was supposed to be doing something else when I was making this. I think procrastination is pretty much one of the greatest and worst excuse known to mankind. And apparently, when you're doing your PhD, it's quite easy to do something else when you're not supposed to. Haha. Ah well. I had fun, and that's important! :)

Hoorah for making stuff, and hoorah for another postcard book! :)


  1. I love this post Zan :) The idea is so cool !

    1. Hehe, thank you Vicky :) Super easy and super effective :)

  2. Yeah, that looks ace.

    Also: HURRAH FOR PROCRASTINATION. Still going strong as a concept after all these years.

    Also: It's kind of apt, not working on your play phd because you're too busy playing... wonder if that would work as a way of completing your course? I mean, it's not a work phd, if you were doing a phd on work you would have no excuse to be playing when you were supposed to be... working. Um.


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