Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The House Shuffle

Day 1 at the Co-operative Academy of Manchester went very well. There were only 4 children there, with their adults, but it was good fun nonetheless. I'm absolutely shattered though! Haha.

As you may notice, I only tend to take cardboard boxes to these events. They're easy to source, and cheap to acquire, so I try and get as many boxes in as many shapes and sizes as possible. One awesome moment of my day today was with the little boy. He was making the roof of his house, playing out the things that he'd seen the weekend before. He was having a little difficulty deciding which box should be his chimney so I decided to bring him one, and his exact two year old words were - "That's not a chimney, that's a box". That was me told!

Here is my favourite moment of the entire play day:

91/365 - Zan watches curiosity unfold. And then watches it stop abruptly.

So that's 1 day down and 2 to do. I'm already shattered! I need to build up my stamina for play all over again! It's a good time to do it! :) Woohoo! :)

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