Monday, 22 April 2013

The Play Library

No London trip of mine is complete without a visit to the Play Library. It's actually called the the Children's Play Information Service, and it's part of the National Children's Bureau. It's a place dedicated to children, their rights and how to make their lives more awesome. Of course, the lives of children are greatly enriched by play, which is why it has it's very own section. And a librarian! Anna is wonderful, and knows about all the books in the play library.

So my journey home today, I met up with my friend Ricky, and then took him to the play library. It was only a short visit so I didn't take many photos, but here are a few:

111/365 - Zan surrounds herself with reading materials on play.
I want this set of encyclopaedias.. Who has a spare $200?

Look at all the books you can get on adventure playgrounds!

The CPIS notice board. It made me happy because the whole place is themed on purple.

Hoorah for the NCB!

There are sooo many things to read in the play library. There's the standard fiction/non-fiction textbooks on play, but there is also a complete collection of play journals and papers from many moons ago to current. And there is a fun selection of academic dissertations and thesis'! I'm slightly happy (and shy) to announce that my visit to the play library this time involved delivering 2 dissertations to the library: mine and Andy's. It was kinda cool, but I'm a bit scared because people are gonna read it now. Eeeek!

Oh wow, it's been a long day and it's only just hit me. Done lots of fun things and had fun hanging out with Ricky. I think it's time to watch some BBC cooking programme and then get myself off to bed. 

I had fun down in London. It was good to see my sister and James, Janina, Jun and Ricky. Oh and Morgan, Grant and Meynell too! I will be back soon! Hoorah! :)

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