Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Robot Returns

Remember I went through a robot drawing phase? Well, I started thinking about the steampunk look recently too, and got super inspired by Mattias Adolfsson who does some really cool ink drawings. I especially like this one. When Morgan was visiting, we bought some old Readers Digest books that I had every intention of doing a project with, but haven't. So with these elements in mind, I decided to have a little go at some art:

105/365 - Zan tries her hand at robot steampunk art.

I enjoyed this mini project quite a lot, but the words on the page sometimes made my eyes go a bit funny sometimes, haha. I love the colours and the finished product, but I reckon next time it'll be even better. I won't be so nervous about doodling on the page of a book anyway! Hehehe. Til next time, robots! :)

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